Navratri Celebration with Online My Store In Chandigarh Mohali

As we all know Navratri indicates “Nine Nights”, nine nights of Goddess Durga. Navratri (Nav Durga) is a nine-day festival of Hindus worship the Mother Goddess. This celebration occurs two times a year: The first one is in the spring throughout March/April, and the second one is in the fall in September/October, based on the planetary cycle.

urlNavratri is not just a time to celebrate joy and to attain endless happiness and peace through self-discipline, self-control, and sacrifice. It is nine days of living in Goddess Durga awareness and experiencing her grace and love. During these nine days people perform different types of ceremonies and pujas. Many people observe fasting, eating fruits, dairy products, vegetables, performing sadhnas and visit to temples. Many temples and houses perform Jagrans, singing music throughout the night.  On the final day, young girls up to age nine-ten are worshipped as goddesses and given gifts as an offering of thankfulness to mother goddess for her blessings. It is believed that at that age the girls have pure power like mother goddess. In some parts of India, the statue of the Goddess Durga is engrossed in the holy rivers on the 10th day (Dashehra).Navratri (Nav Durga) are spiritually significant because it represents the three different stages of an individual’s spiritual journey: self-purification, self-realization and self-transformation.
Self-purification stands for the annihilation of the negative tendencies of our intelligence and hearts): During the first three days of Navratri, the Goddess Mother is worshiped in her great, destructive and horrifying form of Kali/Durga. People pray to Mother, asking her to use her destructive power to destroy all imperfections and faults (eradication of the negative tendencies of our minds and hearts), and purify them enough to become a receptacle of her divine energy.


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